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The Best Industrial Equipment To Keep Your Production Line Running


Sustainable and Simplier Operations. Optimum efficiency and cost savings are key in your quest to reach peak productivity. Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America’s Continuous Inkjet Printers provide marking, coding and labeling solutions at the lowest cost of ownership in the market and keep up with the rigor and production output goals that your company demands.

Save Time and Money with Better Industrial Equipment

Are you tired of your continuous inkjet printer costing too much money that causes unplanned downtime?

If you’re looking to reduce cost and increase productivity of your production lines, it’s time to consider Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, part of the Fusion for Industry family.

Why? Because Hitachi CIJ printers provide the best value for the money. Simply put, they’re built with the highest-quality materials that outlast other comparable products, and were developed to offer clean solutions to be more sustainable. Hitachi’s robust and environmentally friendly features, backed by the lowest benchmarked cost of ownership in the industry, make Hitachi CIJ printers a must-have for every factory floor.

Hitachi CIJ printers are renowned in the industry for running more than 100,000 hours without a single unplanned interruption. That’s technology at its maximum best.

Hitachi’s UX2 Continous Inkjet Printer

Hitachi’s new UX2 continuous inkjet printer combines innovative technology with the green-features that are dependable. This printer delivers several cutting-edge features designed to streamline the coding process. From improved speed and accuracy to reduced cost and maintenance, our UX2 printer can handle any coding job with ease. Whether you’re a small business or global enterprise, Hitachi ensures its customers have the reliable, advanced printing solutions they need to keep moving forward.

UX2 Printer Features

Hitachi UX2 Printer
  • The new and improved print head on the UX2 printer offers enhanced performance, lasting up to three times longer due to the modification that helps avoid inkjet build-up. This ensures higher print quality and lessens the chance of any electronic faults.
  • The UX2 printer is equipped with a Safe-Clean Station that automatically and effectively cleans the printhead with solvent. The automatic washing process takes precautionary measures against any solvent vapor produced, returning it back to the main unit and minimizing operator solvent exposure. This feature also reduces overall solvent usage.
  • Hitachi’s Vision System is also available on this printer, offering pinpoint accuracy in detecting printed text and codes, contributing to waste reduction efforts.
  • With the UX2 printer, line changeover is a breeze. Pre-configured I/O connectors make it easy to quickly transfer the printer from one production line to another, eliminating the time-consuming mistakes that can occur during the process.


Efficient Features of Hitachi’s CIJ Printers

If you’re wondering how Hitachi’s CIJ printers offer the lowest cost of ownership, consider this: Every component is designed to last a lifetime. For example:

  1. The diaphragm-based pump design does not require replacement, ever.
  2. The solvent recovery and recirculation system allows for extremely low fluid consumption, approximately 50% less ink usage than others.
  3. The printheads are made with high-grade stainless steel, are easy to clean, and are made to withstand the harshest environments imaginable, resulting in maximum uptime and consistent results on every run.
  4. Hitachi printers are able to print three times longer between printhead cleaning compared with others in the market with their proprietary ink guard mist-reduction system.

What’s the result of all this? The lowest-cost-of-operation printer available on the market today. Listen to Hitachi’s Associate Product Manager explain how the UX2 printer is unlike any other printer in the market.

 “One of the most sustainable and efficient printers on the market as proven by the ink research and development facility in Charlotte.”

Marking and Coding Case Studies

Hitachi CIJ printer case studies show how our marking, coding and labeling solutions solve customer problems and find the right equipment to keep the production line running efficiently.

Case Study #1:

Imagine an industrial supply company that produces large quantities of packaged cheese trying to reduce downtime and increase print consistency in order to meet consumer expectations. Hitachi knows just such a company: Baker Cheese. And after only two weeks in and head-to-head trials, they selected Hitachi’s Continuous Inkjet Printers as the clear winner.

CIJ Printer
Hitachi CIJ Printer
Baker Cheese

The result? An immediate improvement in manufacturing uptime, decreased print costs, and reliable and consistent code data. This allowed Baker Cheese to continue as one of America’s favorite string cheese producers.

Case Study #2:

Due to the variety and volume of products that are packaged at Rocky Mountain Spice, the efficiency of their daily operation is closely monitored. One area that caused a significant amount of downtime was their marking and coding equipment.

marking and coding
factory solutions

The interface was difficult to use when switching over a product line, and repairs were often needed following continuous use of the equipment.

Hitachi’s Continuous Inkjet Printer came to the rescue!

Rocky Mountain Spice quickly realized how easy Hitachi was to operate, even on the production floor. During just two weeks of testing, the Hitachi CIJ printer required zero cleaning or maintenance, far superior to Rocky Mountain Spice’s previous printers.

Importance of Top-of-the-Line Industrial Equipment

Hitachi’s Continuous Inkjet Printers help decrease downtime in a number of ways:

  • Setting up each line before production is quick and easy with the intuitive user interface.
  • Repairs and maintenance costs have virtually been eliminated due to the printer’s durability and reliability.
  • Since switching over to the Hitachi printers, Rocky Mountain Spice has been able to focus on other interests — delivering fresh, quality spices.
Industrial Solutions | Marking and Coding

If you want a similar success story for your manufacturing process and want to start saving today, let Hitachi show you how you can benefit from our superior operational technology features and warehouse equipment.

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