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Manufacturing is the lifeline of non-durable products, and millions of people rely on factories to produce life-enriching products every day.

Many variables go into keeping production running smoothly, and manufacturers must ensure all parts of their assembly line are running at optimal levels to meet consumer demand. How does a factory become more efficient to increase revenue while confidently making intelligent business decisions?

JR Automation and Flexware Innovation have come together to offer one seamless solution. Combining their automation and digital integration capabilities can take your company to the next level.

JR Automation and Flexware Innovation

Do More with Less

From running out of supplies to machinery downtime to "paper-based" manual processes, manufacturing challenges are encountered at every level of the production process. Are you looking for a better way to view end-to-end data to make superior operational decisions to solve for:

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Update Legacy Systems and Integrate within Current Ecosystems

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Drive Down Cost Per Unit with Better Operating Efficiency

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Produce More Consistently, Safely, and with Better Data Integrity

End-to-End Solutions for Digital Integration
& Machine Automation

JR Automation specializes in custom robotic automation machinery, while Flexware Innovations will take that machinery to the next level with data and software integrations to get your machines talking.

  • Getting life-enriching products into the hands of consumers
  • More efficient operations to avoid worker fatigue
  • Data integrity that is traceable and secure
  • Greater consistency in the production of life-enhancing products
  • Real-time data insights for strategic business decisions
  • Increased productivity to drive down cost per unit
  • Improved machine uptime and reduced unexpected machine repairs

Digital Partners You Can Trust

Knowledgeable in integrating automation and software into legacy systems and specialty ecosystems, JR Automation and Flexware Innovation are industry-leading experts at solving and integrating automation technology and software in the medical and life science industry.


of Fortune 100 companies in the medical & life science industries trust our team.

1.0 to 4.0

Our teams have been offering and refining capabilities from the inception of digital technology in manufacturing since the mid 90’s.


Number of our combined employees specializing in manufacturing automation and digital integrations.

With our combined capabilities, we offer best-in-class software development, automation machinery & engineering, manufacturing systems integration (MES, HMI/SCADA, & ERP), and business intelligence solutions for complex manufacturing challenges.

Improve Efficiency, Consistency, and Productivity

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joint capabilities can improve OEE.

Drive Down Cost & Do More with Less

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