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Manufacturing challenges are becoming more complex. Supply chain disruptions, natural disasters, and labor shortages are impacting the industry at scale. It has become mandatory, not optional, to create synergies between end-to-end production and sustainability.

Hitachi’s Fusion For Industry family of companies aims to create a network of connective industries while building a greener society for tomorrow. Through implementing innovative decarbonization efforts, renewable energy, and more, the Fusion for Industry family has become a global leader in sustainable manufacturing and factory solutions.

JR Automation and Flexware Innovation

Hitachi’s Connective Capabilities

End-to-end manufacturing solutions are here. Hitachi's Fusion for Industry family brings every step of the packing, processing and supply chain process together; from seamless sustainability implementations to providing unmatched industry support and expertise.

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Automation & Digital Integration

JR Automation and Flexware Innovation customize robotic automation along with integrating IT software and manufacturing systems to drive optimal performance and provide production insight.


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Marking, Traceability & Packaging

Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America and Telesis improve operational efficiencies through packaging solutions for marking & coding, traceability, connectivity, production line equipment and more.


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Compressed Air Solutions

Hitachi Global Air Power designs, manufactures and distributes sustainable industrial compressed air solutions primarily under the Sullair brand name for a broad variety of industries and verticals.


Leading the Way in Sustainable Manufacturing

Hitachi is dedicated to playing a role in building a more sustainable future. See how our Fusion For Industry family of companies can help you achieve your sustainability goals for the year and beyond.

  • Hitachi Global Air Power is dedicated to playing a role in building a more sustainable future by transitioning operation facilities to renewable electricity and working with companies to run their industrial air compressors effectively. LEARN MORE
  • JR Automation is harnessing the power of robotic integrations to enhance efficiency to improve manual processes and human error for more sustainable output. LEARN MORE
  • Flexware Innovation helps companies achieve sustainability by streamlining their processes through digital integration to avoid product waste using HMI/SCADA, automation, and analytics. LEARN MORE
  • Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America’s approach to sustainable growth is guided by creating EPA-friendly products that are accurate and produce less waste. LEARN MORE

The Future of Manufacturing is Green

A greener tomorrow starts with cutting-edge manufacturing processes today. With a global commitment to sustainability, the Hitachi Fusion for Industry family has identified benchmarks that aim to improve quality of life and environment.

▾100 Mil

By 2024, Hitachi is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 100 Million metric tons.


Hitachi is dedicated to 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030


$254 Mil

Over the next three years, Hitachi will invest in $254 million to meet carbon neutrality

Heavy investment in R&D green technologies such as hydrogen, methanation and Direct Air Capture (DAC) within manufacturing processes also are a key driver in their vision of sustainability.


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