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The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving in order to stay competitive. From modernizing production lines to integrating technological solutions to keep up with demand, manufacturers are faced with continuous challenges. To meet these challenges, Hitachi provides a Total Seamless Solution that breaks down barriers to connect the equipment & digital layers.

Total Seamless Solution combines unrivaled products, connects knowledge and data, and generates sustainable value from the shop floor to the top floor. See how the connective capabilities of Hitachi can work for your factory.

JR Automation and Flexware Innovation

Connections That Matter

Implementing a Total Seamless Solution starts with a partner that knows the manufacturing industry and has connective strategies that break down silos to have machines working with digital integrations. Hitachi has solved manufacturers' operation needs while striving for sustainable solutions. Maximize your efforts and value with…

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Expert Analysis to Connect with Digital Integrations

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Solution-Based Strategies to Solve for Boundary Issues

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Access to Hitachi's Unrivaled Products, Services & Expertise

Solutions from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor

The successful implementation of a Total Seamless Solution occurs when operations and technology connect to work cohesively alongside each other. Hitachi's Fusion For Industry companies offer a wide range of OT to IT connectivity solutions that can improve overall manufacturing efficiencies.

Enterprise solutions and strategies to access current production and identify viable solutions

Onsite experts to understand the needs and challenges faced

End-to-end products and services for better performance and insights

Modernizing legacy systems with analysis and recommendations

Experts in digital integration and creating a Total Seamless Solution

Reliable robotic, automation, and production line equipment Hitachi is known for

Sustainable production practices for less carbon emissions

Support from thousands of Hitachi experts to onboard your newly modernized factory

Your Partner for What's Next

With over 100 years of experience, Hitachi has positioned itself as a global leader in driving the economy forward by connecting technology and operations. Hitachi has provided trailblazing solutions to manufacturing challenges to ensure a more sustainable future coupled with a network of industry experts. Hitachi is your partner in manufacturing for today, tomorrow, and beyond.



products connected through manufacturing solutions.



By 2030, Hitachi is dedicated to a 50% reduction in carbon emissions.


Hitachi is persistently working to solve the challenges faced by society and developing solutions for manufacturers. Working through the lens of sustainability and innovation, Hitachi’s Total Seamless Solution strives to be the unifying thread between all facets of the industry.

Success Starts with a Connection

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