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Total Seamless Solution: How to Modernize Your Manufacturing Operations and Equipment

In an era of technological advancements, factories face increased pressure to stay competitive and efficient. “Smart factories” are on the rise, and companies are relentless in finding seamless solutions to increase throughput while reducing the time, spend, and downtime that outdated systems may bring. It has become critical for manufacturing operations and factories to strengthen synergies between each department and dissolve the silos that once separated the manufacturing operations to be profitable.

Total Seamless Solutions for Manufacturing Operations

Fusion For Industry was born in response to increased demand from factories striving for complete connectivity. Fusion For Industry comprises of five companies with end-to-end services, capabilities, and equipment that connect your OT to IT.

This initiative is revolutionizing the industry by providing a Total Seamless Solution that integrates your operations and production line process with data analytics, advanced technologies, robotic and digital automation, and top-of-the-line equipment. By connecting these companies’ services and products, factory owners navigate the complex process of upgrading their facilities to meet demand.

Ways to Modernize Your Factory

Modernizing factory equipment and production lines isn’t easy, and working with professionals who understand the industry’s nuances is critical. This is how Hitachi can help. Through its vast network of industry experts and diverse portfolio of companies, Hitachi has more than 100 years of experience and has become a global leader in solving complex manufacturing operation problems while working intimately with companies to understand their needs.

Factory Upgrade Checklist

Implementing a Total Seamless Solution in your factory does not happen overnight. It can be a complicated and multifaceted project that requires extensive time, in-depth training, and strategic planning. While the benefits of investing in such an endeavor will help future-proof your operation, there are many variables to consider:

  1.  Establishing a Starting Point: All aspects of your factory may need attention, from equipment upgrades to outdated software. Determining a starting point may feel nearly impossible, if not overwhelming.
  2. Vendor Selection: Choosing the right vendor for your equipment and technology upgrades is crucial and can take excessive time, especially when unfamiliar with the available options.
  3. Invest in the Future: Upgrading equipment and adopting advanced technologies is an investment for the future. While these updates are necessary, they must be budgeted and planned well in advance.
  4. Plan for Machine Downtime and Disruptions: In modernizing, the transition between replacing legacy equipment with new solutions may result in machine downtime for installation, training, and testing.
  5. Workforce Training: The workforce may need time to train on the updated systems and be given time to acquire new skills, otherwise known as the “ramp-up” period. Production may decelerate as the workforce slowly becomes acquainted with the new systems.
  6. Workforce Resistance: With new technologies such as robots, cobots, and intelligent automated processes, the fear of workplace replacement may be prevalent and real. The workforce, in turn, may resist such changes.
  7. Integrating with Existing Systems: Legacy systems are common amongst factories and must be integrated with the new equipment. Compatibility challenges may arise between the old and new equipment, as the system infrastructures may differ entirely.


Connective Solutions and Services to Consider

While challenges are bound to arise, modernization and connectivity are crucial to future success. To achieve this connectivity, Hitachi’s Fusion For Industry family of companies configures custom solutions utilizing their extensive network of industries, from improving equipment functionality using a proprietary MES application to providing data-driven that work with legacy systems.

Hitachi provides scalable and easy-to-use solutions that prepare your factory for the future. Additionally, the transformative journey into modernization begins with the following:

  1. In-Depth Assessment: Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your factory, from the technology infrastructure, current processes, workforce resources, pain points, strengths, and areas of improvement.
  2. Outline Objectives: Define objectives that are aligned with your goals and what the ideal outcome will be once your factory is modernized. What are some areas in your operation that need immediate improvement?
  3. Partner Selection: Work with an experienced partner, like Hitachi, to determine what a custom solution looks like for your manufacturing plant, connecting all aspects of the business to ensure greater efficiencies and maximized returns.
  4. Legacy Equipment Strategy: Determine what, if any, legacy equipment will remain in the upgraded vision of your factory. Strategize the disposing of outdated equipment and the integration of the new.
  5. Employee Training: Develop a training program to familiarize employees with new technologies and processes. Provide ongoing education to ensure the team is up-to-date with learnings and industry best practices.
  6. Financial Planning: Hitachi will help establish a budget that covers all aspects of the investment, from equipment, technology, labor, and potential factory downtime.
  7. Timeline Building: Plan a realistic timeline for transitioning your plant. Do so during a slower manufacturing period.

Addressing these challenges takes careful planning and strategic road mapping, but Hitachi’s Fusion For Industry companies provide manufacturers with a Total Seamless Solution. From in-depth performance analysis and recommendations to onsite support for training and ramp-up period to top-of-the-line automation equipment and digital services, Hitachi provides support and solutions for companies.

Whether you are looking to upgrade or overhaul, the power of Hitachi lies within the Fusion For Industry family of companies, and together, we will work with you to put together a plan of action that meets your company’s needs while seamlessly breaking down barriers between systems, people, and procedures.

Total Seamless Solutions for your manufacturing challenges are waiting for you. Contact a Hitachi representative today to discuss custom options and tap into an extensive network of manufacturing experts.

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