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How Sustainable Production is Creating a Greener Tomorrow

Ever since Hitachi, LTD’s establishment in 1910, the Japanese multinational conglomerate has worked to continually be a social, environmental, and economical innovator. Their family of industries, ranging from automotive to artificial intelligence (AI) technology, aerospace, industrial, and infrastructure, are committed to helping curate sustainable production by utilizing green technologies, so much so that it has been woven into Hitachi’s mission statement. This mission statement is two-fold; to create total seamless solutions in the industrial sector for Hitachi’s consumers, and to work toward a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Production Methods

Committed to this vision of sustainability, Hitachi has implemented business strategies that incorporate and encourage environmental solutions. The first and most predominant can be seen in their Social Innovation Business model, which aims to accelerate innovation with partners globally to create social, economic, and environmental solutions. This model strives to build a sustainable society by reimagining the ways that various industries interact, whether it be between operational technologies, information technologies, or products and services.

In addition to their Social Innovation Business Model, Hitachi announced their long-term environmental targets in July 2021, which included carbon neutrality at all business sites by 2030 and 80% reduction in CO2 emissions across the company’s value chain by 2050. These efforts to reduce carbon emissions can be seen across Fusion For Industry from Hitachi, featuring JR Automation , Flexware Innovation, Hitachi Global Air Power (formerly Sullair), Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, and Telesis Technologies.

green manufacturing

Sustainability and Clean Energy at Hitachi

Hitachi Global Air Power (formerly Sullair) has been tackling the ever-changing environmental conditions head on. A part of the Hitachi family of companies since 2017, Hitachi Global Air Power, a leader in compressed air solutions, recognized that since 70% of industries utilize compressed air solutions, they have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the global climate battle by guiding customers on how to use their air compressor more optimally and effectively. Hitachi Global Air Power recently spoke about sustainability efforts. Watch below for the interview.

They have committed to reducing their carbon footprint in a number of ways, including:

  • Transitioning to 100% renewable electricity in global facilities.
  • Working to develop more effective compressors
  • Implementing a voluntary carbon offset program.

And there’s plenty more where that comes from.
Additionally, Hitachi Global Air Power aims to achieve carbon neutrality globally by fiscal 2023.

oil free air compressor

One piece of technology that is making waves in the sustainability sector is Sullair’s Class 0 oil-free air compressor. The portable oil-free air compressor minimizes the environmental impact that offshore projects or incidents have on marine life, such as the installation of wind farms or oil spills. The air compressors produce bubble curtains that essentially protect and minimize the effects of these occurrences on the area marine life, thus providing a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution during such projects.

Hitachi Global Air Power is also known globally for its rotary screw air compressors, as their superior end-to-end design showcases durability, optimum efficiency, and power savings. The Two-Stage Compressor Air End on the two stage rotary screw air compressor delivers more air, reduces power consumption, and extends air end bearing life, thus maximizing the lifespan of the machine and allowing for longevity, reliability, and less waste.

wind generators

Another leader within the Fusion for Industry family is Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America. This entity, which helps manufacturing and production organizations improve operational efficiency in industrial facilities throughout the Americas, has an array of products that work to build a better future. As a leading industrial vacuum / blower manufacturer, they have an array of blowers that have been manufactured to work efficiently in delivering oil-free and contaminant-free air for industrial applications. Their low pressure/vacuum high volume E-series is a 100% oil-less, environmentally friendly design and does not contribute to environmental emissions.

Renewable energy is also at the forefront of Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America. For more than 75 years, Hitachi has been a leader in providing wind generators to global partners and has supplied over 9,000 Double fed induction generators for wind turbines in North America.

On a different note, within the consumables sector, Hitachi’s printer ink is made using intelligent cartridge systems to reduce ink and solvent waste in the cartridge containers and all inks meet or exceed U.S. safety standards.

green production

A leader in manufacturing excellence, JR Automation, a provider of automated manufacturing and robotic technology integration solutions for customers around the world, has optimized processes resulting in less energy consumption, less waste, and higher efficiency. Specializing in alternative energy, JR Automation has played a pivotal role in the storage of energy. By providing equipment that can be applied to a battery electric vehicle or to discrete storage in manufacturing environmental, JR Automation can provide equipment that produces batteries and storage equipment needed to supply energy.

With 240 areas of technical expertise, 27 worldwide locations, and work in industries ranging from aerospace to food and beverage, the team at JR Automation have a deeply rooted understanding as to how to optimize processes and minimize waste.

The impacts of climate change are not taken lightly at Hitachi. The family within Fusion for Industry understands our direct role in offering sustainable solutions for a better, greener future.