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How Operational Risk Management Can Protect Your Bottom Line

April 19, 2022 Fusion for Industry


How familiar are you with your equipment and the operational risk that may come along with it? Being aware of potential issues and deploying Operational Risk Management is vital to reducing downtime, increasing efficiency, and extending the life of your equipment.  


You may know that Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, part of the Fusion for Industry from Hitachi, is known for making products that last, including their continuous inkjet printers that have run over 100,000 hours without a single unplanned interruption. But the keyword here is unplanned. Just as much attention to detail should go into the care of your manufacturing equipment that went into creating it. That’s why an annual risk audit is a key factor in keeping your costs down and your manufacturing line up. 


Why Operational Risk Management Is Important


On any manufacturing line, a regular evaluation of equipment, including Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America’s renowned inkjet printers, can help prepare your maintenance department for potential parts or maintenance needs. It also helps track equipment that will need to be repaired or replaced.


Production Line Inspection  

Performing an evaluation or annual risk audit provides historical information on the lifetime performance
of factory equipment.  


Annual Risk Audit Benefits

A risk audit can help plant managers predict future maintenance repairs based on prior equipment data. Utilizing reliability-centered methods and Lean Six Sigma principles for conducting a risk audit, Hitachi helps provide data for easy comparisons across continuous inkjet printer manufacturers, production lines, and factory workers.

Plant managers can then develop key performance indicators, which are crucial to help monitor and track potential issues and allow departments to take swift action to avoid costly repairs and downtime.


Steps to Decrease Your Operational Risk


Are you ready for your production floor to operate at maximum efficiency? Take Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America’s RISK AUDIT SURVEY to discover if your production line equipment is working at its fullest potential. You can also discover additional solutions available to you from Fusion for Industry from Hitachi.