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Crisis Management Ideas to Prepare Your Manufacturing Business

No one expected the devastating effects of COVID 19. It threw the whole world for a loop. And many industries are still struggling to regain their ground due to upsets like supply chain issues, finding skilled workers and unplanned equipment downtime. Just when we think we’ve regained lost ground, another crisis looms on the horizon. That doesn’t mean that your business shouldn’t be prepared. Many companies have started crisis management plans to prepare for the next pandemic or global crisis.

Ways to Improve Your Crisis Management Plan

The key is to be prepared—but how do we do that when the future is so uncertain?

If you felt blindsided by COVID 19, let the skilled experts at Fusion for Industry from Hitachi help prepare your business for what might be coming next. Our top priority is serving our customers and designing the right plan for your equipment, maintenance, and functional reliability.

How to Prepare for the Unknown

Unplanned problems can occur on a daily basis in the manufacturing business. Fusion for Industry’s job is to prepare you for the unexpected. Our five renowned entities, JR Automation , Flexware InnovationSullair , Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, and Telesis Technologies, each offer solutions that may be tailored to fix your unique challenges.  The greatest part about Fusion for Industry is that our companies are based in the U.S., which offers convenience, expediency, and sustainable practices.

What are Your Unique Challenges?

There are many factors at play when preparing for the unknown. One is understanding your unique challenges and remaining a step ahead of them.

Labor shortages have been gaining momentum and therefore, hurting your customer response time. How do you keep your productivity high so you can manage the consumer’s expectations end-to-end? Many companies are looking to implement automation to tackle labor shortages, so they are not as reliant on labor.

What does that mean? From autonomous forklifts to bots that move, lift and sort, there are automation solutions to nearly every type of problem your company may be experiencing.

How Fusion for Industry Improves Production for the Next Crisis

JR Automation offers a shipping and sorting system that can save you time and money on your shipping operations.

Consider a large-scale fulfillment center — a place where millions of SKUs, tons of inventory storage, miles of conveyers, and hundreds of associates work to keep your production moving forward. So many conveyers and touch points have been necessary because there haven’t been robots that can reliably pick and sort products of so many unique shapes and sizes.

But what if you could automate your sort-and-ship process using less space and fewer conveyance lines? 

JR Automation’s RFSS Robotic Sortation System is technology evolved. This system allows you to create an advanced robotic sorting system that will reduce your touch points and develop more efficient ways to sort and ship products. Flexware Innovation, digital automation and technology experts, provide digital and technology connectivity services for end-to-end visibility of production. Their flexible digital services allow them to connect to the majority of legacy systems and ecosystems.

smart factory

Supply Chain Issues Keeping You up at Night?

You’re not the only one. In fact, many companies are now investing in autonomous, driverless, or driver-assisted vehicles today to move freight. They are also looking for ways to remain autonomous which involves looking for alternative sources of energy beyond petroleum and diesel.

That’s why digitization of the supply chain is top-of-mind for business owners who are seeking to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world. One way to help in this effort is to have the right equipment.

Is Your Assembly Line Equipment Reliable?

Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America offers its renowned Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ), which are well-known in the industry to run 100,000 hours without a single, unplanned interruption. They operate by jetting precisely controlled droplets of ink onto primary packaging such as cans, bottles, films, and other forms of primary packaging substrates.

The unique nature of CIJ Technology allows for concise codes to be printed at high speeds, all while taking up a small footprint in the packaging line. Hitachi provides a wide array of ink formulations that allow its codes to adhere to all forms of primary packaging such as paper, PP, PET, HDPE, glass, and metal, and films.

CIJ Printer

Preparing for Unplanned Maintenance Downtime

One of the top complaints most businesses have is the inability to keep productivity high because of unplanned maintenance downtime.

To counter this, Flexware Innovation uses simulation technology. Used primarily in the food and beverage industry, this technology allows for projects to be implemented quicker, thus reducing downtime, minimizing errors and getting manufacturing plants up and running quicker.

The biggest culprit? Industrial air compressors. When an uninterrupted flow of air is essential for business, downtime can be a major setback and cost more than just money. It can impact your reputation, credibility, and production. Not only do you need equipment you can rely on, but you also need to know how to avoid unplanned maintenance.

Here’s How to Avoid Unplanned Air Compressor Downtime.

Meet Sullair, an industry leader in industrial air compressors. They are known to build efficient and sustainable products around the world. And they have the experience to back them up. They’ve been around since 1965.

Industrial air compression technician

Here are tips from Sullair’s experts for getting the highest productivity from your air compressor system: 

Install Your Air Compressor in an Optimal Location

You know what they say: location, location, location. The same goes for how and where your air compressor is installed.

Check the Coolers, Dust Evacuators and Filters

Clean the coolers as often as needed, especially if you’re in a dustier environment. A daily check of your dust evacuators and filters, especially in the warmer months is also an effective way to ward off downtime.

Ensure Thermal Valves Are Functioning Properly

Elevated discharge temperatures may signify that your thermal valve is malfunctioning. There are a variety of reasons this could be happening to you, so contact your distributor for help troubleshooting these complex cooling systems.

Perform Routine Compressor Fluid Analysis

Fluid is essential to your compressor and, in turn, the success of your operation. It’s important to understand what comprises the fluid. Is it dirt, water, or other process materials? You’ll want to have a good idea of what’s in your fluid to identify any abnormalities or contamination.

Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you awake at night. With careful, practical planning and applications, you’ll be ready for when the next crisis comes to pass. Prepare your business now by exploring innovative ways to reimagine your manufacturing processes. We can help.

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