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How Different Generations Within The Plant Can Create Innovative Solutions

Being a Global Leader Doesn’t Happen Overnight. Technology and innovation are on the rise, and factory workers new and old are joining to combine their talents and knowledge for a new era of innovation.

JR Automation, part of Fusion for Industry from Hitachi, has a combined 600-plus years of experience in finding innovative solutions. And it’s not just about their capabilities, which include Assembly and Digital Solutions, Robotic System Integration, Laser Applications, and Plastics and Metal Processing, to name a few.

It’s about theirdiverse and eager workforce, who make up an entire team of leading engineers. How does JR Automation do this? The employees are from different generations, backgrounds and cultures—all working toward the same goal: finding innovative ways to solve your problems.

The Next Generation of Factory Workers

Every engineer on JR Automation’s team is dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about the work they do. That’s why they are a vital asset. The key to success is collaboration. Senior engineers pass on information and experience to junior engineers who, in turn, have their own passion and creative ideas.

Junior Engineer
robotic engineer

JR Automation’s philosophy is that teamwork is the only path toward new ideas to build and create something from scratch that becomes part of the solution. The only way to get there is to advocate brainstorming and new ideas. At JR Automation, there is no such thing as a bad idea, because any idea could spark an idea in another team member.

Custom and Advanced Applications Team


Custom Robotics Applications

It is commonly seen at JR Automation for a younger team member to advance in their trade, be promoted into a more prominent role, and join the experts—bringing new ideas to the table every day.

One of those teams where the innovation process can begin is in the Advanced Applications Division, an R&D team of expert engineers who specialize in prototyping, designing and validating custom and often innovative automation systems. JR Automation is passionate about developing custom solutions for customers like you, and the organization tends to help customers solve some of their most complex challenges together.

JR Automation has created a dedicated team to develop and prove out solutions to unique and challenging applications to ensure that the equipment built works the way it’s supposed to and meets your goals.

The Advanced Applications team supports JR Automation’s sales, applications engineering, and business unit groups with proof-of-principle prototyping, testing and validation in a cutting-edge engineering lab to augment your team’s R&D.


Educating a Younger Generation of Factory Workers


Consultation and education are vital. Many companies want to adopt custom automated solutions, but there are still large gaps in knowledge about when and where to integrate automation, robotics, and vision to realize high-investment returns. This is where the Advanced Applications team steps in to consult with and educate customers on the journey. This team also helps evaluate how automation can shine in production lines and improve efficiency and quality.

Engineer Education
engineering jobs
Industrial Engineering

How diverse industries use advanced automation. JR Automation has worked with customers just like you in a variety of industries to design innovative automation systems that are tailored to their needs. JR Automation works with Tier 1 automotive companies, commercial aerospace manufacturers, medical and life science innovators, national ecommerce distributors, and high-volume food and beverage packaging companies, among many others. When you need innovative solutions to produce your product, the Advanced Applications team can help jump-start the process. JR Automation uses their diverse experience and global footprint to design and deploy systems wherever you need them.

You’re not just a customer. JR Automation works with you as a partner to define a problem statement and do a deep dive into the use and application of automation to understand every aspect of your problem. JR Automation’s employees have one special thing in common: curiosity. The new generation of engineers is eager to know your business and to create innovative manufacturing solutions.

Automation Solution Engineers

Our dedicated team is hard at work now—brainstorming, researching, building and creating new, innovative solutions to help your business. If you’re in the market for a true partner who is a leader in the industry, look no further than Fusion for Industry’s JR Automation, with its advanced automation technology and robust systems integration capabilities.

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