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Introducing Fusion For Industry From Hitachi


What keeps you up at night? Is it fear of supply chain disruptions and shortages? The pressure to find and keep good workers? Or maybe it’s the endless customer demands for faster response times.

Whatever keeps you up at night deserves a solution.

Meet Fusion for Industry. We’re problem-obsessed and focused on you.

What is Fusion For Industry?

Fusion for Industry from Hitachi is a fusion of solutions to tackle your most pressing needs. Hitachi recognized a need for strategic innovation in today’s challenging business climate. That’s why they brought five renowned entities into the Hitachi family.

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JR Automation , Flexware InnovationSullair , Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, and Telesis Technologies provide best-in-class products, engineering, and support services, all while upholding the same spirit Hitachi was founded on: Trust, Quality, and Innovation. Combined, these entities create synergies for your business across your production lines, warehouses, and facilities. There are distinct qualities about Fusion for Industry, and Hitachi has broken them down into four pillars: Human, Generational, Technology, and Factory.


What sets us apart? It comes down to the people behind the products. They are real people working together to create the durable, reliable, high-quality products you expect. That means less risk to your business and production targets.  

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Hitachi’s people and their engineering expertise support all products, and that human element is felt at every touch point. From the first point of contact with the friendly and efficient sales teams to the final delivery and installation of top-notch products, you’ll find caring individuals who know that relationships are based on trust. And it doesn’t stop there. Once that flow of trust is established, it filters down to each of your employees, helping build confidence in Hitachi’s services, products, and support.

The only way to create and maintain that dynamic is through sharing knowledge — knowledge of products, knowledge of adapting the workforce to leverage new technologies, and knowledge of how that ever-evolving landscape will develop over time. If your workforce understands the big picture of your company’s future, the trust factor becomes stronger. Employees feel the pride of working with that future in mind, wholly prepared for potential obstacles and backed by Hitachi’s support when you need it most.

Our belief is that a healthy business foundation is composed of sustained leadership, research, education, and development. We want your ultimate success. That’s why building relationships is our first priority in everything we do. (Link to Distributors/story blog)


Staying ahead of the game is the best way to keep your business relevant in the eyes of the consumer. And smart businesses know that the next generation holds the key to growth. But that doesn’t mean doing away with what has already been established over generations.

Next Generation Factory Worker

Hitachi has always been a pioneer of what’s next and finding that balance — distilling knowledge and experience from the past and marrying it with sharp innovation for the future. The widespread notion that we are all going forward together in diverse and unique ways helps unlock new solutions for tomorrow.

Now more than ever, finding quality labor is a challenge. It puts your production and customer commitments at risk. While the demand has never been greater for automation and software, adding automation to operations can be a challenge for those unfamiliar with this evolutionary technology. The good news? We are here to help your workforce gain an understanding of the steps necessary to implement and manage complex automation systems, which in turn supports the next generation by reducing the reliance on unpredictable labor.


Technology has the power to change lives. And Fusion for Industry is about transforming businesses to help improve the way we live. Hitachi has spent more than a century developing a diverse set of products and solutions. We utilize creative excellence and technical know-how to engineer systems, technologies, and infrastructures that ultimately lead businesses, employees, customers, and America’s sustainable future.

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We specialize in critical areas — such as IT and OT, sustainable energy solutions, smart manufacturing, and technology integrations — that empower businesses, cities, and even governments. Depending on the technology you’re looking for, we’re here to help reduce the risk to your business. From global supply chain shocks to climate change or production and warehouse issues, we work with you to create synergies for your business. Our products and services can be tailored to your needs, modernize your systems, and build enough resiliency into your operations to handle the unpredictable. The future can be erratic, so readiness to manage unplanned obstacles is crucial.


Over time, three distinct industrial revolutions — from coal to gas to electronics and nuclear — have advanced every facet of the way we live, work, and play. As the revolutions become more complicated, multiple new technologies are discovered and the manufacturing process becomes more efficient.

Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 represents a shift in manufacturing that can’t be ignored. That shift is a heavier reliance on technology in the form of digitalization and automating production and warehouse functions. Digitalization and automation are becoming more important as we see an increase in labor shortages and supply chain disruptions. The manufacturing movement in America is expanding, and now more than ever, companies work with partners who share a similar vision in supporting American manufacturing resilience and sustainability.

There has never been a better time to rethink, reprioritize and streamline your processes with the help of Fusion for Industry. We represent the idea that production analytics and sensors on equipment can be seamlessly woven into your operations so that potential issues are detected early, and all systems run smoothly. When the next revolution comes along, we will be ready.

What Can Fusion for Industry Do for You?

The family of Fusion for Industry is JR Automation, Flexware Innovation, Sullair, Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, and Telesis Technologies. We as a family of companies have the power to tackle your unique problems. Whether they lie in supply chain disruptions and shortages, human resources issues, or customer demands for faster response times, Fusion for Industry is ready to help solve your most pressing issues.

We keep your challenges and goals top of mind. From increasing output and reducing business risk to enhancing cost-saving benefits, Fusion for Industry is designed to help you meet your challenges head on.

But Fusion for Industry isn’t just about keeping production running and improving your bottom line. We’re here so you can sleep at night. We’re here so you can be home in time for dinner. We’re here so you can spend less time at work and more time with the ones you love most.

Yes, we’re leaders in innovation, but our main interest is leading the way to a better tomorrow. For you, your family, your employees, and your community.