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How To Automate Your Sort-and-Ship Process

Less Space. Fewer Conveyance Lines. We all know that TIME IS MONEY. What if you could cut your delivery time, save money, and consolidate space by building a fulfillment center closer to your customers? JR Automation, part of the Fusion for Industry family, has a solution that will expedite your process and make it easier to operate your warehouse.

How to Automate Shipping Process to Save Time and Money

Consider a large-scale fulfillment center — home to millions of SKUs, tons of inventory storage, miles of conveyers, and hundreds of associates. All the conveyers and touch points have been necessary because there haven’t been robots that can reliably pick and sort products of so many unique shapes and sizes.

Until now. What if you could automate your sort-and-ship process using less space and fewer conveyance lines?

Introducing the RFSS Robotic Sortation System.

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What Is the RFSS Robotic Sortation System?

Technology has evolved and allowed us to create an advanced robotic sorting system that will enable you to reduce your touch points and develop more efficient ways to sort and ship products.

The RFSS Robotic Sortation System:

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With the RFSS Robotic Sortation System, you will be able to sort, streamline and save. This compact, modular sorter can handle items of any shape or size — round, cylindrical, soft, hard, thick, thin or heavy — making it an ideal logistics solution for any industry. If the product can fit in the flexibly sized tray, the RFSS can sort it.

A single RFSS module for evaluation can be installed into existing conveyer and put wall environments, immediately decreasing labor steps and costs. More modules means even more savings!

New facilities can eliminate miles of conveyance and hundreds of thousands of square feet and meet goals with much fewer associates, saving even more on cost.

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Or what if you could use a compact automated sorting and shipping process to add e-commerce capabilities to an existing retail facility? The RFSS Robotic Sortation System can get it done close to customers, which speeds local delivery. What if those space savings allowed you to locate a fulfillment center closer to your customers? How much closer could you get to a three-hour order delivery goal?

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Discover how the RFSS Robotic Sortation System can help you save time, space and money.


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