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Improve Your Production Line Efficiency By Eliminating Middleware


It’s no secret that determining how to improve efficiency and minimize downtime on production lines is the overarching goal of production management and manufacturing. Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, part of Fusion for Industry from Hitachi, strives to have its continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) systems folded seamlessly into operations, where production line equipment correctly receives and distributes communications without the probability of disruption or malfunction. Additionally, with consistent updates of features and products, end-to-end automated integrations have become completely seamless. 


Time-Saving Machinery Software for Production Lines


Hitachi, with over 100 years of experience, understands the importance of ensuring that all machines work together to create an optimized workflow, and Hitachi’s new Software Defined Controller feature precisely demonstrates this reliability.

Software Defined Controller

Eliminating Middleware Software from Factory Machines

Get your CIJ machines talking to each other without the stress of middleware software. The revolutionary Software Defined Controller, produced by Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, provides options for easier technical integration for your production line inkjet printers.

The controller allows you to keep your existing communication protocol and still upgrade your inkjet printers. How can this be done? Hitachi UX-Dynamic printers include several standard common communication protocols, such as Modbus® TCP, OPC-UA, Ethernet/IP (ODVA Certified) and MQTT.


Hitachi UX Series Printers | UX2 Model


CIJ Printer Middleware Solution

Rather than being pushed into purchasing middleware for your equipment, where you need to adapt to the machine’s communication protocols, the Software Defined Controller allows the printer to adapt to YOUR communication protocols and systems.



Software Defined Controller


Solution for Eliminating Middleware


No middleware means flexibility in introducing new inkjet equipment into an established production line, significantly reducing IT support to install new equipment, allowing new inkjet printer integration using your current communication protocol, and not having to create communication “work arounds” in your inkjet printer equipment.

If you want your CIJ printers to communicate better and are interested in more product details, look no further than Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America innovative production line solutions.


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