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Hitachi’s Seamless Solution Partners Aim to Create Complete Connective Industries

Hitachi is always looking to expand its portfolio to integrate seamless solutions for manufacturing and factory needs with the goal of creating a connective industry to link ordering, supply chain, and shipping solutions into one.

Connective Industry: Seamless Solutions for Manufacturing

To create products and services that connect orders with supply chain and distribution, Hitachi is looking to top-notch companies in the manufacturing world. To make solutions for manufacturing simple, new companies will join forces with the Fusion for Industry family of companies: JR AutomationSullair , and Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America.

New Partnership: Flexware Innovation

Hitachi Partners

Hitachi’s portfolio of industry-leading solutions providers has expanded with the August acquisition of Flexware Innovation, a manufacturing Systems Integrator (SI). The purchase dovetails with Hitachi’s Total Seamless Solution strategy for linking the shop floor and top floor with data and digital technology.

The strategic acquisition of Flexware Innovation will complement Hitachi partner JR Automation, a robotic SI and automation company, and enable Hitachi to accelerate its offerings in a number of domains. These include Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Software Development (SD), Business Intelligence (BI), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

The synergy between Flexware Innovation and JR Automation will lie in the exchange of subject matter expertise in the of building manufacturing lines and data/MES solutions, allowing for seamless end-to-end solutions to Hitachi Fusion for Industry customers.

The purchase further strengthens Hitachi’s presence in North America, a high-growth market in the area of advanced digital technologies. Hitachi has provided Total Seamless Solutions in North America since 2017 when it acquired air compressor manufacturer Sullair. Since then, Hitachi has added JR Automation, Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, and Telesis Technologies – the U.S. marking technologies company – to its holdings.

Hitachi’s acquisition of Flexware Innovation underscores the need for productivity improvements across all industry sectors in the wake of the global pandemic and ensuing supply chain challenges.

Who is Flexware Innovation?


Flexware Innovations | Hitachi

Flexware Innovation has provided smart technology to companies around the world since 1996. With headquarters in Indiana and North Carolina, Flexware Innovation helps progressive manufacturers integrate their business and production systems to augment their assets.

Through the application of class-leading software development, automation engineering, manufacturing systems integration, business intelligence solutions, IoT devices, and specialized product development, Flexware Innovation works together with customers to leverage technology that solves business problems. Flexware Innovation considers collaboration a professional responsibility to achieve success.

Flexware Innovation works with some of the world’s most prestigious brands in various industries, including automotive, utilities, life science, discrete, specialty meals, and food and beverage. Flexware Innovation is unique among technology firms that typically concentrate on a particular industry. But because Flexware Innovation has focused on the manufacturing executions space since its inception, the company has demonstrated it can add value to enterprise clients in the vertical industry domain. Flexware Innovation’s capabilities cover a broad spectrum, from controls engineering and safety assessments upward to ERP implementation.

After nearly 25 years of solving complex OT/IT challenges, Flexware Innovation remains passionate in its quest to find solutions that work and technology that works harmoniously with its customers.

New Partnership: Telesis

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems (HIES) continues to optimize its position in the coding and marking industry with the recent purchase of Telesis Technologies, a U.S. marking technologies company. The July purchase of Ohio-based Telesis follows HIES’s April acquisition of Photon Energy GmbH, a German laser marking technologies firm.

Telesis Technologies

The purchase of Telesis will allow HIES to expand and enhance its product portfolio as the company accelerates efforts to become an industry-leading solutions provider. Telesis, with more than 40 years in the coding and marking industry, offers state-of-the-art technology for the printing of dates, lot numbers, and other information on items produced in a host of industries.

“We look forward to leveraging the combined strengths of HIES and Telesis to further penetrate the global coding and marking industry,” says Yasuhiro (Charlie) Takeuchi, president of Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

Who Is Telesis?

Telesis is an international firm with more than 160 employees globally. In addition to its development center and manufacturing facility in the United States, with domestic sales, engineering, and maintenance bases, Telesis also has manufacturing, sales, and service bases in China and sales and service bases in Europe.

Telesis is known for having one of the largest global market shares in dot-peen markers, devices often used in the aerospace and automotive industries that print letters by striking pins.

The recent demand for high-definition and indelible printing worldwide, as well as business opportunities for marking equipment using laser technology, makes the acquisitions of Telesis Technologies and Photon Energy GmbH particularly advantageous for HIES.

Laser Marking

Takeuchi notes that Telesis laser markers and Photon Energy’s products are highly complementary, and he is confident in a seamless integration of the technologies. Additionally, HIES expects to strengthen sales capabilities for inkjet printers and expand recurring business by utilizing Telesis’s sales channels and integrating its maintenance service capabilities.

“We are pleased to be a part of the next phase of Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems,” says Dr. Ashot Mesropyan, Telesis executive chairman. “The company is a great fit for our global portfolio of marking solutions, and we look forward to putting our combined industry expertise and global resources to work for our customers.” Telesis’s strengths in direct part marking, combined with Hitachi’s expertise in primary packaging, will allow for Hitachi’s Fusion for Industry family to add value to other markets such as automotive for Telesis or Food and Beverage for Hitachi.


What’s Next for Hitachi Acquisitions?

Always looking into the needs of the next generation of manufacturing, Hitachi isn’t done adding to its portfolio of companies to create a more cohesive top-to-bottom integration of products and services.

Stay tuned to see what’s next, and click “Learn More” to get up-to-date information from Fusion for Industry.

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