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How Manufacturing Companies Are Boosting American Production

Growing your manufacturing operations or making them more efficient in America is not just possible, it’s now a necessity given the global supply chain crisis. It takes dedication and a vision focused on a well-rounded business solution for a successful future and to realize such outcomes—Hitachi can help.

How Hitachi Supports American Production

Fusion for Industry from Hitachi is ready to assist in the process. Fusion for Industry is wholly focused on supporting the American manufacturing industry. Its five entities,  JR Automation , Flexware InnovationSullair , Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America, and Telesis Technologies, are all headquartered in the American heartland. Together, they support your vision for sustainable, in-house operations.

USA Manufacturing

With supply chain disruptions and labor shortages at an all-time high, efficient factory production and automating operations are ramping up in America in a big way.

In fact, there are Executive Orders from the United States Government in support of building up American manufacturing. There is a higher demand for local factories, warehouse locations, spare part fulfillment centers, and just about everything else.

There’s never been a better time to reassess your production needs and manufacturing methods. Is your business ready for the challenges that lie ahead?

American Manufacturing

Fusion for Industry Supports Your Company’s Human Side. Your greatest assets are your people. Human Fusion is the pillar of Fusion for Industry that understands your workforce is made up of generations with learned values, knowledge, and skilled ingenuity. We also know that the only way for a company to stay competitive is to always be ready to create something new.

Human resource issues have found their way to the top of the list of concerns for many companies. One key factor in keeping your production at the level your customers demand rests on a combination of finding and keeping the right skilled workers and incorporating automation to compensate for labor shortages.

How Fusion for Industry Can Help

Automation used to be the wave of the future, but with the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing in America today, it has become an urgent need. Generational Fusion is all about setting your next generation up for success in an unpredictable business climate.

American Factories

JR Automation offers assembly automation, dispensing, and vision systems to process design, control engineering, and software integration. Their team has built custom technology solutions for every application, process, and industry.

A key area of JR Automation’s expertise is the refurbishing of out-of-service robots. Their service engineers are able to offer an affordable approach to integrating robots into automation processes. In the same stroke as robotic refurbishment, sustainability is at the forefront of JR Automation’s solutions, providing innovative ways to increase energy efficiency while decreasing global impact. One example is JR Automation’s involvement with energy storage and providing the right equipment to build storage devices. Listen to JR Automation’s impact on sustainability in the video below.

Founded in Indiana, Flexware Innovation was formed during the inception of digital integration in Industry 1.0. Their digital and automation engineers can take your automation and robotics machinery to the next-level with digital software integrations to connect your assembly line from end-to-end.

Are You Keeping up With Your Customers’ Demands?

Are your customers constantly asking, “Where’s my order?” If your customer experience is suffering because of increasing demands for faster response times, then it’s time to apply Technology Fusion innovations to set up your business for sustainable success. Whether it’s general production issues, order fulfillment, or returns/exchanges, the need for reliable warehouse and factory equipment is a business imperative.

American Industries and Hitachi Inkjet Printer

Industrial Equipment Matters

If you’re tired of unplanned downtime and decreased production, Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America can help.

Headquartered in the Chicagoland area, Hitachi Industrial Equipment & Solutions America manufactures Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ) and provides marking, coding, and labeling solutions at the lowest cost of ownership in the market all while keeping up with your production output goals.

Hitachi’s industrial CIJ printers provide the best value for money because they are built with the highest-quality materials that outlast other comparable products. Hitachi’s environmentally friendly features, backed by the lowest benchmarked cost of ownership in the industry, make their printers a must-have for every factory floor with marking or coding needs.

American Factory Jobs

And speaking of the factory floor, Factory Fusion is focused on reimagining how manufacturing is accomplished. Keeping your factory sustainable means limiting unplanned downtime, especially when utilizing compressed air for critical operations or manufacturing tools.

Industrial air compressors are used in nearly every major industry worldwide. They are quickly becoming known as the fourth utility — after natural gas, electricity, and water. In fact, the global industrial air compressor market size is set to surpass $17.8 billion by 2027, according to Global Market Insights.

When an uninterrupted flow of air is essential for business, downtime can be a huge setback and cost more than money. It can impact reputation, credibility, and production. Not only do you need equipment you can rely on, but you also need to know how to avoid unplanned maintenance.

Sullair, an industry leader in industrial air compressors, is known for building efficient and sustainable products since 1965. Here are some expert tips for getting the most productivity from your air compressor system.

The best part about Fusion for Industry is that wherever you are in your business journey, we are here to help. Given the global strategic sourcing challenges most US businesses currently face, finding manufacturing solutions at home is becoming the most viable option.

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